Central Bank Releases New 50 and 100 Kwanza Coins

New 50 Kz and 100 Kz Coins / Photo: Lino Guimarães

The Central Bank of Angola (BNA) released on November 9, the new 50 and 100 Kwanza coins. This completes the launching of the new Kwanza series released back in 2012, which includes the 50 cents, 1 Kz, 5 Kz, 10 Kz and 20 Kz coins.

At the launching ceremony, the governor of BNA, José Pedro de Morais, said that despite this year’s slowdown in the economic growth due to the sudden and sharp drop of oil prices, the main product of Angolan exports, the country has witnessed an increase of currency in circulation, particularly the use of coins and lower-denomination notes.

The launch of the 50 Kz and Kz 100 coins comes as parts of the various activities scheduled to celebrate the Angola’s 40th anniversary of independence.

Source: ANGOP