Agriculture at the Center of the Priorities of the Government

Minister of Agriculture, Pedro Canga / Photo: JAIMAGENS (Archive)

The agricultural sector is considered by the Angolan government, as one of the priority areas of the economic diversification program. Currently, agriculture in Angola is characterized by a production that falls short of what is required to meet the needs of the domestic market, consequently diverting huge financial resources to food imports.

The Minister of Agriculture, Afonso Pedro Canga considered the Angola-Japan Business Forum held in Angola in March 2015, as a business opportunity to create strong partnerships in order to boost the country’s economy. According to Minister Canga, there is a greater interest by Japan in the agriculture sector, considering Angola’s favorable climatic conditions for agriculture coupled with the need to boost domestic production to make Angola self-sufficient in food.

Among the priorities areas in the cooperation with Japan, the minister pointed out the production of cereals, poultry, food processing and agricultural equipment. Minister Canga noted that Japan already finances several projects in the country, with very encouraging results, such as in the ongoing research, testing and production of rice, involving Japanese technology and know-how.

Source: ANGOP