Francisco Queiros, Minister of Geology and Mining / Photo: Joaquina Neto

The Minister of Geology and Mining, Francisco Queiros, said that according to airborne geophysical survey of Angola done under the National Geological Survey Plan (Planageo), the copperbelt of Zambia and DR Congo extends to the Angolan territory by at least 116 thousand square kilometers.

In addition to the copper belt, the minister said that the geological survey carried out within the framework of Planageo enabled the discovery of the Cunene Gabbro-Anorthosite Complex covering an area of 45 km² in the Provinces of Huíla and Cunene and extends to the Republic of Namibia.

Francisco Queiroz, who was speaking at the launching ceremony of the Association of Angolan Geosciences and Petroleum Activities Support Companies (AEAGSAP), said that knowledge of the geological and mining potential of Angola is a very useful tool for entrepreneurs of geosciences and related fields to develop their role in the mining sector in Angola.

Considering the preliminary results of Planageo, he pointed out that the Angolan government has embarked on a campaign to attract world-class investors.

“We are hopeful that in the medium term these investments will have a positive impact on changing the country’s economic base in terms of tax revenues and foreign currency sources, job creation and therefore be a sustainable alternative to oil.”

He called on Angolan businessmen to participate actively in mining investment, either through partnerships with foreign investors or through the investment funds that will be created.

Source: ANGOP

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