Meeting of SADC Heads of Parliamentary Groups


A forum of the heads of the parliamentary groups of the ruling parties in the SADC region, was held on June 3 – 4, in Luanda. The forum aims to become a privileged venue for the ruling parties in Southern Africa region to discuss and seek joint solutions for issues affecting the region’s peoples and governments.

During the event, matters such as democracy and development as well as conflict prevention in the SADC region were discussed. Economic integration policies and movement of people and goods and their constraints were also discussed at the forum, which was held under the theme “Democracy and Security in the SADC Region”.

Virgílio de Fontes Pereira, head of the parliamentary group of the ruling MPLA party, said that Angola assumed with pride and responsibility the opportunity to host the forum.

The head of the parliamentary group of the ruling SWAPO party in Namibia, Taeyele Evelyn, suggested holding annual forums to share ideas and programs to improve the living conditions of the populations in the SADC region.

Source: ANGOP