Angola-Japan Relations

The Angola-Japan diplomatic relations were established in September 1976. The two countries started to exchange high level visits in the late 1980s with the most notable being the visit to Japan in 2001 by H.E. Mr. José Eduardo dos Santos, President of the Republic of Angola. Other recent notable visits are:

From the Angolan Side

H.E. Mr Augusto Archer de Souza Mangueira, Minister of Finance (January 2019)

H.E. Ricardo Daniel Sandão Queirós Viegas D’Abreu, Minister of Transport (January 2019)

H.E. Diamantino Pedro Azevedo, Minister of Mineral Resourses and Petroleum (January 2019)

H.E. Mr. João Baptista Borges, Minister of Energy and Water (December 2018)

H.E. Mrs. Maria Do Rosario Bragança Sambo, Minister of Higher Education (October 2018)

H.E. Mr. Manuel Domingos Augusto, Minister of External Relations (October 2018)

H.E. Ambassador Victor Manuel Rita da Fonseca Lima, Secretary for Diplomatic Affairs and International Cooperation of the President of the Republic (March 2018)

H.E. Mr. José de Lima Massano, Governor of the National Bank of Angola (February 2018)

H. E. Mr. Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos, Speaker of the National Assembly (March 2016)

H.E. Mr. Abrahão Pio dos Santos Gourgel, Minister of Economy (December 2015)

H. E. Mr. João Baptista Kussumua, Minister of Assistance and Social Welfare (October 2015)

H.E. Mr. Armando Manuel, Minister of Finance (August 2015)

H.E. Mrs. Maria Augusta da Silva Martins, Secretary of State for Higher Education (November 2014)

H.E. Mr. Manuel Francisco Queirós, Minister of Geology and Mines (September 2013)

H.E. Mr. Georges Rebelo Chikoti, Minister of External Relations (June 2013)

From the Japanese Side

H.E. Mr. Keiichiro Tachibana, Parliamentary Secretary of Internal Affairs and Communications (March 2013)

H.E. Mr. Takashi Morita, Vice-Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications (December 2012)

H.E. Mr. Toshiyuki Kato, Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs (January 2012)

Economic Relations and Bilateral Cooperation

Angola’s imports from Japan include vehicles, machinery, steel products etc. whereas Japan’s imports from Angola are dominated by oil and other raw materials. In order to promote greater trade and investments the two countries are currently negotiating the signing of a reciprocal investment protection agreement.

The Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Japan has organized two Angola-Japan business seminars, with the first one held in Tokyo (September 2013) and second one in Luanda (March 2015). The seminar held in Luanda attracted more than 100 businessmen from Japan representing 37 companies. Following these two seminars, the number of Japanese going to Angola on business has increased.

In January 2013, Angola’s Agostinho Neto University and Japan’s Ryukoku University signed a student exchange and cooperation Agreement, marking the first such partnership between an Angolan and an Asian university. In September of the same year, the Geological Institute of Angola (IGEO) and the Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) signed a protocol of cooperation.

Bilateral Representation

The Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Japan was inaugurated in 2001 and the current Ambassador is H.E. Mr. Rui Orlando Xavier. The Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Angola was inaugurated in 2005 and its current Ambassador is H.E. Mr. Maruhashi Jiro. As of May 2015, the number of Angolan nationals in Japan stands at 46.