Visa FAQs

Q1. I don’t live in Tokyo can I submit my visa application by courier?”
A. No. All visa applicants are required to submit their applications in person. Holders of Diplomatic and Official Passports are exempt of this requirement.

Q2. Can I apply for a visa on arrival in Angola?”
A. No. Visa applicants are strongly advised to apply for their visas before their departure from Japan.

Q3. Can someone collect my passport at the Embassy on my behalf?”
A. Yes, as long as he/she brings the original visa receipt.

Q4. Where do I find the visa application form?”
A. You can download it from the link on the bottom of the Consular Section page. Please print it on a double-sided A4 size paper. Visa applicants are strongly advised to print and fill out the visa application before coming to the Embassy.

Q5. How long will it take to get my visa? “
A. In general, applications submitted on Mondays or Tuesdays will be ready for pick up on Fridays of the same week. However, depending on individual circumstances some visa applications may take longer.

Q6. How early should I apply for my visa?”
A. You are highly encouraged to apply at least two weeks prior to your departure date to avoid any potential inconveniences to your travel plans. The Consular Section will NOT assume any responsibility or liability if your visa is not issued by your planned departure date.

Q7. How can I check the status of my visa application?”
A. The Consular Section will contact you if there are any problems with your visa application. Otherwise, just come to the Consular Section to collect your passport on Friday of the week you submitted your application.

Q8. What kind of visa will I get?”
A. It depends on the purpose your trip to Angola, but Tourism Visa is the norm and that is most likely the one you will get.

Q9. If my visa application is rejected or I decide to cancel my visa application, can I get a refund or use the fee payment receipt in future applications?”
A. No, the visa application fee is not refundable under any circumstances. If you would like to apply for a new visa, you need to pay again.

Q10. I would like to stay in Angola for a period longer than my visa permits. What should I do?”
A. Please contact the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME) upon your arrival in Angola.

Q11. What is the difference between the duration and validity of a visa?”
A. Duration is the actual maximum period of stay permitted and Validity is the time within which the visa can be used. A visa’s validity is generally longer that its duration, and it establishes from when and until when the visa can be used.

Q12. I cannot get the yellow fever vaccine for medical reasons. Can I still apply for a visa to Angola?”
A. Yes. However, you will have to present a Waiver Letter from a doctor. This letter has to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and be attached with a Portuguese translation.

Q13. I am not a Japanese national. Can I apply for a visa to Angola?”
A. Yes, if you hold a valid Japanese residence permit.

Q14. I live in a country where there is no Angolan Embassy or Consulate. Can I apply for my visa to Angola in Japan?”
A. No. The Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Japan’s services is limited to residents of Japan. You can apply for your visa at the nearest Angolan Embassy/Consulate to the country of your residence.

Q15. I have some questions about visa application and other consular procedures at a particular Angolan Embassy/Consulate?”
A. Please directly send your enquiries to the concerned Angolan Embassy/Consulate.