National holidays of Angola and Japan in 2024

Holiday of Angola / Holiday of Japan
January1MondayNew Year's DayAngola / Japan
January8MondayAdulthood DayJapan
February4SundayBeginning of the Armed Fight for National LibertationAngola
February11SundayFoundation Day of JapanJapan
February12MondayCarnival (Bridge) / Holiday of Foundation Day of JapanAngola / Japan
February23ThursdayEmperor's BirthdayJapan
March8FridayInternational Woman's DayAngola
March20WednesdayVernal Equinox DayJapan
March23SaturdaySouth Africa Libertation DayAngola
March29FridayGood FridayAngola
April4MondayPeace DayAngola
April5ThursdayPeace Day (Bridge)Angola
April29SaturdayShowa DayJapan
May1WednesdayLabour DayAngola
May3FridayConstitution DayJapan
May4SaturdayGreen DayJapan
May5SundayChildrens DayJapan
May6MondayHoliday of Childrens DayJapan
July15MondaySea DayJapan
August11SundayMountain DayJapan
August12MondayHoliday of Mountain DayJapan
September16MondayDay of the Founder of the Nation and the National Hero /
Respect for the Aged Day
Angola / Japan
September17TuesdayDay of the Founder of the Nation and the National HeroAngola
September22SundayAutumnal Equinox DayJapan
September23MondayHoliday of Autumnal Equinox DayJapan
October14MondaySports DayJapan
November2SaturdayAll Soul's DayAngola
November3SundayCulture DayJapan
November4MondayHoliday of the Culture DayJapan
November11MondayIndependence DayAngola
November23SaturdayLabor Thanksgiving DayJapan

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