Francisco Monteiro Queirós – Minister of Geology and Mining / Photo: Pedro Parente

New mining areas have been discovered in the provinces of Huíla, Huambo, Kuando Kubango, Kwanza Norte and Kwanza Sul, under the geological survey program currently underway in the country, said the Minister of Geology and Mining, Francisco Monteiro Queiróz, adding that during the first phase of the geological survey program some mineral anomalies were identified in the aforesaid provinces which will be thoroughly surveyed in the second stage of the program.

The Minister said that by 2017 Angola will have a complete geological map. The aim is to create a credible information database which will enable the State to draft a long-term management and exploration plan of the mineral resources. The geological mapping information will also be made available to potential investors, policy makers, academics and all other interested parties.

Source: ANGOP

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