Bernarda Martins, Minister of Industry / Photo: ANGOP

The Minister of Industry, Bernarda Martins, called on the domestic and foreign investors to invest in cotton production in Malanje Province, in order to support the three large textile factories rehabilitated by the government in the provinces of Kwanza Norte, Luanda and Benguela.

The minister, who was speaking to journalists at the International Conference on Investment Promotion organized by the Malanje Province, said that under the rehabilitation, expansion and modernization of the textile industry, Angola currently imports cotton for its three textiles factories, namely África Têxtil in Benguela Province, Textang 2 in Luanda Province and Satec in Kwanza Norte Province.

The Minister stated that Malanje Province was once one of the largest cotton producers in the country, and that investors should take this into consideration in order to end cotton imports.

The Minister added that the Angolan government is focused on creating industrial land with the necessary infrastructure such as water, power and roads to support entrepreneurs who wish to invest.

Source: ANGOP

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