At least USD six hundred million were granted by the Japanese Export Credit Agency and private banks for the construction of the new container terminal at the commercial port of Namibe and the rehabilitation of the port of Mineiro do Saco-mar in this province.

The project presented today to government entities, entrepreneurs and civil society will generate 1,500 new jobs over a three-year period and will be executed by the Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Japanese company TOA Corporation.

In the presentation made by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Toyota Corporation in Angola, Nuno Borges, stressed that the works will begin in September this year, with the expansion of the new container terminal of the commercial port, financed with USD 400 million for the construction of 288 meters of wharf, while the other USD 200 million is destined for the recovery of the pier bridge for the exploitation of ore of Saco-mar, in a period of execution of 32 months.

He said that the port of mineralization after its conclusion could export iron ore from Kassinga, province of Huila, generate export revenues, promote jobs both in the port and in the mines, and the development of mineral resources, being one of the most important plans of the Angolan government.