September 27, 2019

Huambo – Prince Harry acknowledged Friday in Huambo Angolans’ willingness and determination in the demining process, which has enabled national authorities to take safe steps to rebuild the country and improve the quality of life of citizens.

Speaking on the 28 May Avenue, where Princess Diana witnessed the start of the demining process in 1997, the Duke of Sussex considered demining a very difficult and life-threatening task.

“But that has to be done, because more than 60 million people continue to live under threat and risk of landmines … and you cannot turn your back neither give up the work that is being done,” he encouraged.

He presented as an example the fact that 22 years ago, in the same place, there was a minefield, which today is totally transformed, which, in his opinion, gives another impact to the life of the communities.

He also recalled that in January 1997, Princess Diana was in Angola, as a volunteer for the International Red Cross, having driven a push to the demining process, but there are still over a thousand minefields in the country to be clarified.

“I wish my mother was alive, because I am sure she would appreciate the transformation of this place, as well the commitment of the Angolans to have the country free from landmines by 2025, ” he said.

Prince Harry reiterated the British Royal House’s commitment to continue supporting the demining process in the communities, to allow the free movement of people and goods throughout the national territory.

On the occasion, the governor of Huambo province, Joana Lina, recalled that in 1997, as Secretary of State for the Promotion and Women’s Development she had the privilege of receiving Princess Diana.

Within the perimeter of more than 10 square meters visited by Princess Diana, currently the 28 of May Avenue, more than 28 antipersonnel mines and 313 explosive explosives were collected and destroyed, in a demining process carried out by the HALO Trust, which ended in 2005.