When submitting the visa application, a letter should be attached, addressed to the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Japan requesting issuance of visas for journalists.

The aforesaid letter must include the following points:

• Purpose of the trip.
• Areas intended to visit for filming or photographing/obtaining information purposes.
• Duration of sojourn in Angola (expected date of arrival and departure).
• Full names and passport numbers of all crew members.
• Details of all the equipment that the crew/journalists will take to Angola.
• Mention who will bear the costs of the trip.

We’ll also need copies of the journalists press ID cards.

The visa requests then will be sent to Angola’s competent ministry in order to obtain approval and follow the below process.

• Upon submission of the visas request at the embassy, with all the information of purpose of the travel, people engaged, equipment, etc…
• The embassy notifies the CIAM (ministry in charge) and to obtain the approval document.
• The embassy issues the visa according to this.
• Once approval is granted. The visa application can be submitted at the Embassy
• Please note that the Press ID will be obtained in person at CIAM in Angola.