April 16, 2023

Beautiful art exhibition Ikebana 2023, organized by Ikebana Internacional TFC, in coordination with Ambassadress Maria de Fátima Xavier, wife of the Angolan Ambassador to Japan, Rui Orlando Xavier. The event took place at the facilities of the “Tokyo Metropolitan Theater”.

At the opening ceremony of the event, the President of Ikebana International proceeded to the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, with the Ambassadress of Angola in Japan, Maria de Fátima Xavier and the wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Mrs. Yuko Hayashi.

Ambassadress Maria de Fátima Xavier took the opportunity to announce her departure from Japan soon, due to the end of her husband Rui Orlando Xavier’s mission as Ambassador of Angola to Japan and to thank everyone who was fundamental, helping and guiding her during her performance as ´Chairperson of the Ikebana International Fair in 2021´ and subsequently at the Ikebana International events, co-organized by her.

*Unofficial translation

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