Commerce Minister: Fiel Domingos Constantino / Photo: Clemente

The Angolan government is working to join the Agreement on Trade Facilitation, given its importance for the country’s economic development and the well-being of the people, said Monday the Minister of Commerce, Fiel Domingos Constantino.

According to the minister, at the level of the Ministry of Commerce, a restructuring is under way both in trade legislation and institutional terms, which will improve collaboration between the Ministry, the Central Bank of Angola and the General Tax Administration. He emphasized that such restructuring is intended to eliminate excessive administrative barriers in imports and exports, as well as to combat unlawful acts.

Minister Fiel Domingos Constantino recognizes that, at the domestic level, there are many public bodies with work related to international trade, hence the need for better coordination. He said that the establishment of a National Commission for Trade Facilitation is expected to serve as a consultative body for the Angolan government and to provide the necessary inputs for the development of operational and strategic solutions. The commission will also draw up a plan for implementation, taking into account the objectives of a broader trade facilitation reform.

The seminar on trade facilitation in Angola that is being held between January 23 and 24, in Luanda, aims to present the results of the work of the Multisectoral Technical Group, regarding the measures adopted by Angola to facilitate trade.

The Trade Facilitation Agreement of the World Trade Organization (WTO) sets forth various measures to facilitate trade such as expediting the clearance of goods, streamlining procedures and bureaucracy, while maintaining legitimate regulatory controls and overseeing the movement of goods across borders, making it more efficient.

Source: ANGOP

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