President José Eduardo dos Santos (right), grants audience to GE Chairman and CEO, Jeffrey Immelt / Photo: Francisco Miudo

One billion US dollars is the amount that is being invested in Angola by the North American business group GE in sectors such as power, transportation, oil, gas and health, announced on Wednesday, in Luanda, the Chairman and CEO of the company, Jeffrey Immelt.

Speaking to the press after an audience granted by the President of the Republic, José Eduardo dos Santos at the Presidential Palace, Jeffrey Immelt said that GE will work to increase Angola’s power grid output from 1.5 to 2 Megawatts.

He described the audience as an opportunity to update the Angolan Head of State with information related to projects that GE is developing in Angola, particularly in the power and transportation sectors.

“We are going to deliver 100 locomotives to help the country in the transportation of goods, and in the exploration and production of gas,” added Jeffrey Immelt, who in January of 2015 was received by the Angolan President, with whom he discussed aspects related to investments and projects of GE in Angola.

Source: ANGOP

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