Members of the National Assembly take their seats at a constituent Meeting of the IV Legislature / Photo: Pedro Parente

The 220 members of the Parliament elected in the general elections held on August 23 of this year were sworn in at the National Assembly on September 28, for a five-year term. At the ceremony, the members of the Parliament took the oath of allegiance to the fatherland, received their individual badges, symbol of identification of the parliamentarians.

The Angolan National Assembly has 220 members, with 90 elected from provincial constituencies and 130 elected from a nationwide constituency. Following the general elections of 2017, the IV Legislature of the National Assembly will have 150 members from the MPLA, 51 from UNITA, 16 from the CASA-CE coalition, two from the PRS and one from the FNLA. Of the 220 newly elected members, 59 are women and 161 are men.

Source: ANGOP

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