December 14, 2021
On December 14th, the great International Ikebana Fair for the year 2021 took place at the Royal Park Hotel in Tokyo. It should be noted that the art of Ikebana is considered in Japan as one of the most important arts in Japanese culture. H.I.H Princess Takamado, honorary president of Ikebana International, the Honorable Mrs. Hayashi, wife of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Members of Ikebana International, the Diplomatic Corps and other distinguished guests were attended the Fair.

The Ambassadress of Angola Fátima Lima Xavier, as the Chairperson of this fair, welcomed and accompanied the visitors. Angola was in the spotlight, with the main flower arrangement made in the colors of the national flag, also the tickets and brochures were elaborated with the picture of Porcelain Rose, flower from Angola and a message from the Ambassadress of Angola. 

The Ambassadress of Angola as Chairperson of the fair participated the ribbon cutting and made an opening speech together with H.I.H. Princess Takamado and Ms. Junko Takano, the President of Ikebana International Japan. In her speech, Ambassadress Fátima Lima Xavier thanked, on behalf of the Ambassador of Angola, who for professional reasons was absent from the fair and was in Angola, and on herself, for the fact that she had been invited to be the Fair Chairperson of Ikebana International for the year 2021. She also thanked for the fact that with her modest contribution she can give back the affection that the Japanese people have shown for her country. Finally, she thanked, on behalf of all the Ambassadresses present, the collaboration for the fair and the opportunity that was given to share a little of the culture of their respective countries.

Despite the difficult situation we all face, those involved in the Fair did not spare any effort to make this event successful, especially with the support granted by the Japanese government. The event was attended by about 1,500 guests and is a charity event that had the purpose of helping the people in need, victims of natural disasters from the revenue received.

The event was covered by several local television channels, as well as several magazines in the country.

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